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1. Identification Holder's domain www.lojaquerido.com


The www.lojaquerido.com site is intended for diffusion and marketing of products and services by QUERIDO MUDEI A CASA, Ltd., with headquarters in Rua do Norte, 14-2 floor, 1200-286 Lisbon, Portugal with NIPC number 508 248 779 and under this number registered at the Commercial Registry Office of Lisbon, with the designation QUERIDO. Telf. 213243344 mail@lojaquerido.com.


2. Object and Scope of Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to users of the site www.lojaquerido.com and any operations and transactions, commercial or other, made ​​in this site.

The site navigation, as well as the purchase of any product through the store QUERIDO Online Store, implies acceptance of these Terms and Conditions by the customer.

The QUERIDO reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions without any notice, all changes are published in the Terms and Conditions for www.lojaquerido.com.

3. Intellectual Property

The www.lojaquerido.com site and all its contents are protected under Intellectual Property Law, in particular the copyrights and trademarks. Any use, reproduction or reference all or part of its contents are prohibited and constitute a crime if made without the prior permission of QUERIDO.

The use of the domain www.lojaquerido.com or links to the same abusive with and without prior authorization may be subject to appeal to competent legal means by QUERIDO.

QUERIDO disclaims any responsibility for the improper placement of the domain www.lojaquerido.com links to other pages on the provenance of these pages and on the contents therein.

4. Use and privacy

The use and processing of personal data on the site www.lojaquerido.com is the responsibility of QUERIDO in compliance with Law 67/98 of 26 October, on the Protection of Personal Data.

The QUERIDO ensures the security, privacy and confidentiality of personal data and otherwise supplied by its customers in the act of registration, ordering and / or payment www.queridomudeiacasa.pt is designed for such data and information to be used by QUERIDO order processing and invoicing.

Unless opposition of customer data and information provided may be used for promotional purposes by QUERIDO, advertising and / or marketing, for that will be processed by computer and stored in the QUERIDO database.

The data needed to make payments, as well as selection inherent to this, are duly protected by encrypting the information provided by the customer, whose content only QUERIDO has access.

Customers have the right of access, rectification and deletion of data. Through the "My Account", you can view or change your personal data, edit your mailing list or change your password.

By providing your details, you are asked for the permission to receive information about products and services that may be of interest. This authorization allows the QUERIDO to use their personal data for direct marketing through any communication channel, including through email, SMS or other forms of automatic call.

The QUERIDO will not sell or share your database of customers with third parties.

5. Computer Security


Www.lojaquerido.com The site is equipped with security systems, to ensure the protection of data entered by users, and to prevent unauthorized access to data, improper use, disclosure, loss or destruction. It is, however, the responsibility of the user to ensure that the computer you are using is appropriately protected against malicious software, computer viruses and worms.

In this regard it is recommended that you always have in mind the following safety recommendations:

  - Do not use public computers to enter personal data such as credit card numbers.

     - Safeguard the confidentiality of your personal data;

     - Do not forget your access codes and passwords;

     - When you complete access to your personal area, always end the session using the "Logout";

     - Regularly clean the cache (temporary files) from your computer;

     - Delete private information of the disk of your computer.

     - Always use an updated antivirus on your computer;

     - Make sure your Windows is up to date (if the Windows operating system). Use the automatic Windows updates. These help to fix potential security flaws that may exist.

     - Use a firewall enabled: Having a firewall installed and enabled some attempts to block external access to your computer, making it less vulnerable.

6. Policy. Prices and product information online


The data, prices and specifications on this website are presented with informational purposes only, reserving the site www.lojaquerido.com the right to modify at any time the information presented and commercial supply of: product, price and promotional campaigns, conditions trade and services.

We have taken the necessary steps to ensure that information presented is free of typographical errors, and whenever it occurs, proceed as soon as possible, to fix.

The photos may not correspond to the described configurations, should contact QUERIDO for clarification and removal of doubts.

In case the information provided does not match the characteristics of the product assists you the right to rescind the contract of purchase and sale pursuant to applicable law.

The product catalog www.lojaquerido.com is independent of any physical stores that exist or will exist, both in terms of price and quantities in stock.

The brands and product names may be used in the site are the property www.lojaquerido.com, trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies or businesses.

Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.

The information provided on www.lojaquerido.com site is completely free for its users and easy access to it does not create any type of business or professional relationship between the users and QUERIDO.


7. Registration and Ordering


Registration and ordering process

The implementation of shopping through the site www.lojaquerido.com, involves a registration completing the online form.

Once registered, simply add the virtual shopping cart all the items you wish to purchase. You must follow all the steps of purchase for it to be successfully completed.

The store QUERIDO informs that prices in www.lojaquerido.com are exclusive QUERIDO HOME STYLING Shop Online and prices may vary in physical stores QUERIDO exist or will exist. All promotional campaigns have a limited stock and exclusive to online marketing.

In case of unavailability of the product and / or rupture of stock you will be informed of the partial or total cancellation of your order entitled to reimbursement of the respective amount paid. (See conditions return / exchange)

The validation of the purchase order assumes that the client has read and accepted the Terms and Conditions of the site www.lojaquerido.com.

Once you complete your purchase, you will receive an automatic email with your order number and all data on it.

After ordering online, the store QUERIDO will confirm with the respective financial institution the payment to start the process of preparing and shipping of your order.

Once the merchandise has been shipped an email is sent automatically to you with this information.

If the data  you inserted is not be correct promptly seek its amendment to online@lojaquerido.com


Availability of products online

The store QUERIDO only processes an order made ​​by a customer after receipt of the appropriate payment to the bank, and cannot guarantee the availability of the items to the beginning of that process.

The products on this site are subject to availability and quality of existing stock.

Some products are subject to order to the supplier which is indicated by an estimated time frame for delivery. The QUERIDO store is not liable for delays in orders by suppliers. The products subject to custom order do not allow refund.

The store QUERIDO reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions without notice, and these changes published in the Terms and Conditions for www.lojaquerido.com.


8. Payment


In our online store has available the following forms of payment:



Paypal is the simple, fast and safe to pay your internet shopping. Includes credit cards VISA, Mastercard and American Express. With PayPal your financial information (such as credit card numbers and bank account) are not shared with third parties.


Bank Transfer


Banco Santander

NIB: 0018 2001 0450 1641 0205 8

IBAN: PT50 0018 2001 0450 1641 0205 8


If you choose this payment method the customer must send an email to online@lojaquerido.com, with proof of transfer and respective order reference in order to accelerate the process of submitting the products. The payment is valid after confirmation of the value by the financial institution. After this confirmation, continuity is given to the dispatch of the order.


ATM Reference

It is available for payment in any ATM terminal or home banking.

When selecting MB is issued ATM reference according to the amount payable and sent automatically to your email.

After using the reference MB is automatically sent an e-mail stating that the payment was successful. Payment is only valid for QUERIDO after confirmation by the financial institution.


8. Shipping


The store QUERIDO undertakes to carry out the delivery of orders, properly packaged, within an average of five (5) business days after confirmation of payment by the bank (for Azores / Madeira or international shipments may be a superior delivery period).

The order is delivered to the address indicated by you in the "Delivery Address" (home, work, etc. - Never in the post office box).

Once the goods are shipped from our facilities is sent an automated email to inform.

The store QUERIDO only does expedition on weekdays until 15h. Thus, do not count Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, for estimated delivery orders.

Deliveries are made Monday through Friday, except holidays, from 09h to 18h.

The estimated delivery date is indicative only and is the responsibility of carriers.

If you select to collect in the QUERIDO physical store (adreess – contacts), you will receive by e-mail or phone the date on which the order will be ready on our premises. Must bring proof of the request that is sent by e-mail.

Any delay in shipment or order for goods, given the estimated dates presented, does not confer the right to compensation.

In the event of a product ordered is not available in stock, the QUERIDO store will contact you by email or telephone within 15 days from the date of payment of the application, in order to inform the new delivery date.

The QUERIDO store may suggest choosing a product with equivalent quality and price to replace the unavailable product. In case of refusal, the store will refund * Product (except for products subject to the order to the supplier). * See conditions for returns.

The QUERIDO Shop will effect the return / exchange if a product is defective due to shipping. If you find a damaged shipping container should send photos of it to the email: online@lojaquerido.com so we can claim with the carrier.


Gift Wrapping

If you want a wrapped gift in your order, you must select the field indicated in the request.


10. Returns and Exchanges


According to the legislation in force in the European Union, our clients are entitled to change your mind and cancel a purchase in our online store. . It provided a period of 15 working days to inform QUERIDO store to return or exchange your purchase.

Within this period you can decide to cancel your order for any reason - no need to justify, but may do so to help us serve you better.

If you want an exchange for another product you should take responsibility and pay the postage to the address indicated by QUERIDO as well as the new delivery.

Any return or exchange must be in original packaging within 15 working days from the date after its receipt. Products must arrive at our premises in perfect condition. There can´t been used, altered or washed and must contain all the labels of origin. Must be accompanied by the original invoice corresponding to the purchase made.

10. Refunds and processing time


Once the parcel arrives to QUERIDO, and if in accordance with the conditions of return, refund will be made ​​via bank transfer within 15 days.

It is essential that we provide the bank identification number (BIN) from a bank in Portuguese territory to make the reversal. Once the cancelation is made will be notified by email to the address you left in your account. Please note that we are not responsible for chargebacks, for bank identification numbers wrong, or accounts they no longer have access. Also note that any fees and taxes that have been paid either by sending either with the return of order, will not be refunded. All refunds you are entitled will always be made​​. It is our guarantee.